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Executive 7 Day Detox is an Inpatient Rehab that Allows Cell Phones

One of the most often cited barriers to getting treatment for a drug or alcohol use disorder is the policy that most rehabs have in place prohibiting cell phone use.  For a professional who not only needs treatment but also must stay engaged in daily business matters, that policy would simply not work.  Thankfully, there are some executive detox and rehabilitation programs that understand the need for access to electronics, such as a cell phone, tablet, or even laptop.  For a businessman who needs treatment, a rehab that allows cell phones is like seeing a welcome mat at the front entrance.

Why Business Owners, Executives, or CEOs Need Access to Their Devices

Asking a top-level executive to abandon use of his or her cell phone is like severing a limb—it just won’t happen.  These professionals have risen to the top of their field because of their deep level of engagement in operating a division or a company.  Addiction treatment should not imperil one’s career.  For the executive to be able to complete a rehab program, they must have the ability to use their cell phone for daily work obligations.

At no time in history has the need for access to a smart phone been higher to perform work-related functions.  Today’s business environment has evolved into an online experience, with the bulk of the job duties often being performed over the Internet.  Having access to shared documents, group texts and emails, and group phone conferencing is absolutely essential, making the cell phone the most important tool in the professional person’s toolbox.  While in detox and rehabilitation, these high-level professionals cannot just check out of their work activities altogether.  For this reason, a rehab that allows cell phones is a basic requisite for entering treatment.

About the Inpatient Rehab that Allows Cell Phones and Offers Luxury Amenities

Treatment programs that are designed for business executives have made necessary accommodations for the realities of this client’s work life.  That means that technological equipment and office supplies are provided, and allowances are made for the client to participate in work-related activities through their cell phone.

But these executive rehabs do not stop there.  It is understood that someone who has reached an apex in their career is accustomed to the finer things in life.  In response to this reality, these premier rehab programs offer private rooms and spa-like amenities, as well as luxury accommodations that cater to a high-end lifestyle.  There are typically yoga classes, massage therapists, gourmet chefs, and recreational activities like surfing, golf, tennis, and stand-up paddleboarding added to the list of amenities.

What is a 7 Day Residential Medical Detox?

The initial step in addiction treatment is the detox and withdrawal phase.  In most cases, this process will take about one week, allowing for the substance-related toxins to evacuate the body.  A medical detox is a supervised detox program with medical personnel assisting the client throughout the withdrawal period.  Withdrawal symptoms can be erratic and unpredictable, and highly unpleasant in general.  A medically monitored detox provides relief from the withdrawal symptoms, using medications and other therapies to help mitigate the discomfort.

The detox period generally occurs in three stages.  Within hours after the last alcoholic drink or use of a drug the withdrawal symptoms will present.  These will vary in intensity and types of symptoms based on the following factors:

  • The substance being detoxed
  • The length of time of the addiction
  • The level of usage or alcohol consumption involved
  • The client’s age
  • The client’s general health status
  • Whether there is a co-occurring mental health disorder
  • Whether there was more than one substance of abuse

Detox at a luxury rehab will be comfortable, feeling more like a retreat.  Clients are provided private rooms and deluxe appointments.  These exclusive rehabs are usually situated in lovely surroundings, adding to the therapeutic experience.

Benefits of a Residential Rehab that Allows Cell Phones

An inpatient detox and rehab program offers many advantages to an outpatient program.  Inpatient care is especially beneficial for those whose addiction is more severe, or with a long history of substance abuse.  Inpatient rehabs offer the ability to remove oneself from the daily stressors while receiving treatment.

In most cases, top tier executives are exhausted, with sky high stress levels and burnout contributing to overall health decline.  A residential program offers the opportunity to restore physical health that has probably taken a backseat to the addiction.  Getting rest, healthy meals, and daily exercise can contribute immensely to starting a new life in recovery.

The fact that the rehab makes provisions for cell phone use can remove some of the anxiety the client may feel about not being physically present at work.  Being able to have a limited amount of engagement at work is enough to quell those anxious feelings without disturbing the treatment process.

Learning to Live Life Substance-Free

Once the detox and active treatment phases are completed it is important to accept that lifestyle changes must be made to enjoy a sustained recovery.  Without making changes, the client will be setting themselves up to relapse and undo all the hard work done in treatment.

After treatment is completed, clients should become involved in a recovery group where new friendships can be made with others equally committed to sobriety.  Continuing on with outpatient therapy is another excellent post-treatment option that will help steady the client in the early months of adjusting to a new sober lifestyle.

Executive 7 Day Detox is Rehab that Allows Cell Phones

Executive 7 Day Detox is a premier medical detox program that will safely usher the client through the detox and withdrawal phase of addiction recovery.  With a stunning setting that provides a calming sense of serenity, this Dana Point, California luxury detox program provides the busy executive with the perfect opportunity to address their health and well-being.  The expert detox team will ensure maximum comfort throughout the week-long program, guiding the client safely into the next phase of treatment.  Clients will have access to their devices so they can continue to maintain a presence at work while in treatment.  For more information about the program, please contact Executive 7 Day Detox today at (800) 381-0827.

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