Executive Rehab Programs Short Term For Women

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executive rehab programs short term for women

Executive Short Term Rehab Programs For Women

Although addiction does not discriminate between the sexes, when it comes to women definite nuances regarding barriers to treatment as well as addiction-related issues do exist. Professional women have additional concerns around a substance abuse disorder, especially involving stigma. A female executive with a drug or alcohol problem may be viewed more harshly than their male counterparts.

Rehabs that create unique programs to address these differences are of great benefit to a busy female executive who wishes to seek treatment in a respectful and compassionate environment. Because of the demanding nature of their professional life, seeking executive rehab programs short term for women is an ideal solution.

Reasons Women Develop Substance Use Disorders

A substance use disorder can sneak up on anyone, male or female, with little warning. Women may reach for a substance when dealing with chronic stress on the job, the demands of parenthood, financial troubles, or other sources of ongoing stress in hope of experiencing some relief. Two substances in particular, alcohol and Xanax, have found favor with women attempting to self-medicate.

Women who have experienced trauma, such as sexual or physical abuse, may lean on a substance as a means of numbing emotional pain. In general, women experience traumatic events more intensely than men, which may explain why the prevalence of high-risk drinking has increased in women by nearly 60%, according to a 2017 study published by the JAMA, which compared self-reported drinking habits from 2002 and 2013. It also revealed that alcohol abuse disorders among women have increased 87% since the earlier study. The study offers the following possibility for the dramatic increase in alcohol abuse among women:

…increases in educational and occupational opportunities and rising numbers of women in the workforce, all of which may have contributed to increased high-risk drinking and AUD in women during the past decade. Stress associated with pursuing a career and raising a family may lead to increases in high-risk drinking and AUD among women…

In addition, cultural norms have changed in recent years, becoming more accepting of increased alcohol use among women. Professional women may attend more business-related functions that provide spirits and encourage alcohol consumption.

Unique Barriers for Women to Get Treatment

No matter how much our culture embraces equality between the sexes when it comes to the responsibilities around childrearing and household chores women still shoulder the majority of these. When a demanding job is added to the mix, the stress load can become overwhelming, sometimes leading to substance abuse.

When the need for getting help for addiction is clearly evident, many women will ignore it largely because they cannot imagine leaving their obligations behind for an extended stay in rehab. This is where executive rehab programs short term for women come into play. These programs are designed to be expeditious and family-friendly, helping women to overcome a sizable barrier to getting treatment.

Other obstacles a woman might face include fearing their career may be placed in jeopardy, concern about stigma from coworkers, privacy concerns, and worry about financial resources for treatment.

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Recognizing Addictive Behaviors

While the unique symptoms of addiction will vary by substance, there are some common behavioral changes that are indicative that a substance addiction or dependency is developing. Even if the woman is not willing to recognize the signs of addiction, hopefully, a close friend, family member, or coworker will notice the changes and encourage her to get help.

Signs of addiction include:

  • Increased tolerance to the effects of the substance
  • Increased dosage or consumption to achieve the initial effects
  • Missing work due to hangovers
  • Experiencing blackouts or memory losses
  • Withdrawing from friends and family
  • Obsessing about when to get high or to drink next, planning around it
  • Doctor shopping for prescription drugs
  • Stealing prescription drugs from family or friends
  • Continue to use the substance regardless of mounting consequences
  • Experience withdrawal symptoms when attempting to stop

Tailored Executive Rehab Programs Short Term for Women

When a woman does decide to seek treatment it is imperative that she find a program that is sensitive to the particular needs and preferences of women. This might include:

  • A discreet, private location with a high priority on confidential matters
  • Therapy that focuses on stress management and coping skills
  • Therapy that addresses trauma
  • Emphasis on healing interpersonal relationships, communication skill-building
  • Upscale accommodations
  • Holistic therapies and experiential activities
  • Ability to access technological tools to remain engaged at work
  • Family counseling
  • Couples therapy

Because time is at a premium, women desire a rehab program that will assist them during detoxification and follow that with treatment options that can fit into their busy work life. These options might be intensive outpatient programs or a short-term inpatient rehab stint. Continuing care will offer ongoing individual and group therapy for support following treatment for the addiction, and participation in a recovery community is a good source of social support.

Adjunctive Therapies that Benefit Women

Women who may have a history of trauma can benefit from an assortment of adjunctive activities that complement the traditional therapies in rehab. The traumatic event and the associated emotional pain must be dealt with if there is to be a sustained, successful recovery. Some examples of adjunct therapies include:

  • Eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Neurofeedback
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Acupuncture
  • Deep-breathing exercises
  • Trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga
  • Art and music therapy
  • Journaling

These types of activities allow women to process their emotional pain as well as learn how to better manage stress. Many of these activities result in stress reduction as they promote a sense of relaxation and calm. As such, these activities can be continued post-rehab and become part of daily life, acting as important coping skills in recovery.

Executive 7 Day Detox Offers Executive Rehab Programs Short Term for Women

Executive 7 Day Detox is an upscale program in Orange County that provides luxury detox and rehab services tailored specifically for the busy female executive. With attention to privacy concerns, trauma treatment, co-occurring mental health disorders, and family counseling, Executive 7 Day Detox is a good fit for women struggling with a substance use disorder. For more information please contact Executive 7 Day Detox today at (800) 381-0827.


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