how to detox from alcohol fast

You are ready to take that first big step toward freeing yourself from an alcohol use disorder. Alcohol detox is the first stop on this new recovery journey and will pave the way for treatment and aftercare. You may be anxious to get detox over with, which is understandable. In fact, you may even wonder […]

tapering drugs

If you’ve developed a prescription drug dependence or addiction and want to enter treatment, you’ll begin with detox. It is recommended that you seek the support and guidance of a detox program when you decide to quit. Detox experts understand that tapering drugs gradually over a couple of weeks is the safest route to take. […]

Hydrocodone Withdrawal

Narcotic pain relievers are opioids that work by blocking pain signals from reaching the brain, while also inducing a sense of relaxation and even euphoria. On the surface, these drugs would appear to be a gift for individuals recovering from surgery or a serious injury. No one wants to experience pain, right? Prescription analgesics, such […]