opiate detox near me

If you are ready to break free from an opiate addiction, you have landed in the right place. Whether you struggle with heroin or prescription pain pills, your search for an “opiate detox near me” is over. Read on to learn all about entering recovery for opiate addiction, starting with opiate detox and withdrawal. About […]

executive rehab programs short term for women

Executive Short Term Rehab Programs For Women Although addiction does not discriminate between the sexes, when it comes to women definite nuances regarding barriers to treatment as well as addiction-related issues do exist. Professional women have additional concerns around a substance abuse disorder, especially involving stigma. A female executive with a drug or alcohol problem […]

being addicted to prescription drugs

You have a malady—chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety, or some such issue—you go to the doctor and you come out with a prescription in hand. This is the usual routine we have all become accustomed to. We go to the doctor and he or she will provide us with some type of prescription medication that will […]

How To Get Off Narcotics Safely

How Long Does It Take Narcotics To Wear Off As maligned as prescription painkillers are in recent years, using these opioids is still the most effective method for managing acute, short-term pain following an injury or surgery. The pain medications are also useful for treating patients with chronic pain when other drugs haven’t been successful, […]

3 Day Opiate Detox

Remember when we all thought 3G Internet was lightning fast?  Now 4G feels like a tortoise sauntering slowly toward the finish line.  We used to have to wait half an hour for a pizza, but these days restaurants can crank out a pizza in 10 minutes.  It seems our taste for expediting mundane tasks is […]