rehab for working professionls

Successful individuals may seem to have it all together, at least on the outside. But the reality is that corporate executives, business owners, and medical professionals are just like anyone else who struggles with addiction. They go through all the same adverse effects on their job and personal life as others who are addicted. A […]

private pay rehab

As much as someone may want to tackle their substance use problem, they may resist treatment because of privacy concerns. This is especially true for someone who is a public figure or is in a senior executive position. The worry is that enrolling in a detox or rehab program could pose a breach of confidentiality. […]

can heavy drinking cause a stroke

Most people know that alcohol can harm your liver, but is it true that heavy drinking can also cause a stroke? To answer that question, we first need to learn what constitutes “heavy drinking.” The NIAAA has given us guidelines to help us determine how much alcohol is safe. The experts tell us that moderate […]

shame after drinking

Dealing With Shame After Drinking If you have been asking yourself lately, “Why do I feel shame after drinking,” it could be a good sign. This might be the turning point when you admit you have an alcohol problem and are ready to seek support. The truth is that your conscience is gnawing at you. […]

addiction treatment for professionals

You may be well aware that you have developed a substance problem, but aren’t sure how to fit detox and rehab into your schedule. The answer for busy executives is addiction treatment for professionals. Executive treatment programs are designed for professionals who need substance treatment, but also place a premium on their time. Read on […]

how long does meth stay in urine

If you are facing an upcoming drug screening, you may wonder, “How long does meth stay in the urine?” Methamphetamine, also known as meth, crystal, or ice, is a highly addictive substance that can quickly cause destruction in a person’s life. When someone becomes addicted to meth, they will experience a multitude of adverse health […]

Common Excuses Alcoholics Make

Excuses Used By Alcoholics Funny how those excuses we used so often in childhood can become part of the alcoholic’s daily vernacular in adulthood.  Remember how we insisted that our bad behavior was a result of some slight we’d suffered- “See what you made me do?”; or as a defense for eating all the ice […]

Orange County Detox

Orange County Detox Center When we picture what a successful individual looks like we may conjure up an image of someone who is in total control of their life.  After all, a person doesn’t rise too high professional stature without having their act together, and most are very focused and driven by nature.  What we […]

Executive 7 Day Alcohol Detox

Detox, oh that dreaded word!  So dreaded, in fact, that many who are in desperate need of addiction treatment will avoid getting help just to avoid going through detox.  This is understandable, as alcohol detox is known for being highly unpleasant—even dangerous. But what must be understood is that without taking that first step, detox […]