executive rehab programs short term for women

Executive Rehab Programs Short Term For Women

Although addiction does not discriminate between the sexes, when it comes to women definite nuances regarding barriers to treatment as well as addiction-related issues do exist. Professional women have additional concerns around a substance abuse disorder, especially involving stigma. A female executive with a drug or alcohol problem may be viewed more harshly than their […]

acupuncture for alcoholism and depression

Acupuncture for Alcoholism and Depression

When battling the dual diagnosis of alcoholism and depression it is helpful to employ all possible tools available. Each of the disorders on their own are difficult and complex, but together they form a very challenging diagnosis that requires some thinking outside the box. While traditional treatment measures can ease symptoms somewhat, eastern medicine, in […]

alcoholism family support

Alcoholism Family Support and Treatment Options

Alcoholism is, indeed, a family disease. Anyone caught up in the immediate orbit of the alcoholic will be drawn into the chaos and pain, as there is no way to separate from the overall effects of the alcoholism. These effects run far and deep, impacting family members in all aspects of life. For this reason, […]

High Functioning Alcoholic

Treatment Options for a High Functioning Alcoholic

You may know a high functioning alcoholic and secretly wonder how they manage to pull it off—holding down and excelling at a high-level professional position while abusing alcohol. It seems to defy reality that someone could be capable of this feat, but these individuals, about 20% of alcoholics, seem to have gotten a pass somehow. […]

Self Medicating with Alcohol

Stress Overload and Self Medicating with Alcohol

Alcohol is a depressant. That means that an alcoholic beverage provides a nice, warm, mellow feeling because it depresses the central nervous system. Used judiciously as an occasional relaxation tool, alcohol is not problematic. The trouble occurs when we overuse alcohol consistently to help manage feelings of stress and anxiety. Among high-level professionals, this is […]

Alcohol Detox What to Expect

Alcohol Detox What to Expect

Chances are if you have landed on this blog you are seriously considering entering a program for treatment of an alcohol use disorder. By this point, there may be a litany of negative consequences piling up in your life due to the excessive alcohol consumption, prompting real interest in turning things around. Motivation to quit […]