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Opiate Detox Near Me

If you are ready to break free from an opiate addiction, you have landed in the right place. Whether you struggle with heroin or prescription pain pills, your search for an “opiate detox near me” is over. Read on to learn all about entering recovery for opiate addiction, starting with opiate detox and withdrawal. About […]


Rehab for Working Professionals

Successful individuals may seem to have it all together, at least on the outside. But the reality is that corporate executives, business owners, and medical professionals are just like anyone else who struggles with addiction. They go through all the same adverse effects on their job and personal life as others who are addicted. A […]


I Hate Myself for Drinking Too Much

Alcohol is tightly woven into our entire culture and can be pretty hard to avoid. You may regularly attend events where heavy drinking is the norm, and end up overdoing it. What follows are feelings of shame and remorse for not having more control over your drinking. If you hear yourself often thinking, “I hate […]


What Is an Alcohol Detox Retreat?

Now that you have reached a point where your alcohol use is harming your life, you may be looking into some detox options. Because alcohol detox can involve some risks, it is always advisable to undergo the detox process in a supervised setting. As you scroll through your detox options you may wonder what is […]

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Benefits of Private Pay Rehab

As much as someone may want to tackle their substance use problem, they may resist treatment because of privacy concerns. This is especially true for someone who is a public figure or is in a senior executive position. The worry is that enrolling in a detox or rehab program could pose a breach of confidentiality. […]

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Can Heavy Drinking Cause a Stroke?

Most people know that alcohol can harm your liver, but is it true that heavy drinking can also cause a stroke? To answer that question, we first need to learn what constitutes “heavy drinking.” The NIAAA has given us guidelines to help us determine how much alcohol is safe. The experts tell us that moderate […]