Amino Acid Therapy for Alcoholism

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Amino Acid Therapy for Alcoholism

Why Are Amino Acids Important in Recovery?

Being treated for alcohol use disorder covers many different realms, including restoring physical health. By the time someone seeks addiction treatment for alcoholism, their health may be significantly deteriorated, including the presence of nutritional deficiencies.  Amino acids, which are the foundational building blocks of protein, can be seriously deficient in alcoholics because of poor diet and gastrointestinal conditions that inhibit the absorption of nutrients.

When weighing all the potential methods to help achieve a successful treatment outcome for alcoholism, one of the newer treatment elements on the recovery scene is amino acid therapy. Amino acids occur naturally in the body, and amino acid therapy can provide a long list of benefits, including easing withdrawal symptoms as well as healing the brain. Amino acid therapy for alcoholism offers holistic supplemental therapy to add just one more tool to the recovery toolbox.

About Amino Acids

Amino acids are the body’s building blocks.  Our bodies have about 200 different amino acids present, with 22 amino acids present in proteins.  Some of these amino acids occur naturally, while others, essential to maintaining good health, are consumed through our diets.  Lean sources of protein, such as turkey, lean beef, chicken, eggs, yogurt, milk, and cheese are excellent sources of important amino acids.

Some of the key amino acids occurring in the human body act by enhancing a sense of calm, positive mood, concentration, and clear thinking.  According to research conducted by Dr. Charles Gant, an addiction expert, and physician, he shows the important role amino acids play in overall health and wellbeing, and how alcoholism can result in deficiencies in important amino acids, including:

  • L-Tryptophan.  This is the body’s natural antidepressant as it helps serotonin production.  Alcoholism-related deficiency causes suicidal thoughts, sleep disorders, compulsive thoughts and behaviors, depression, and intense alcohol cravings.
  • GABA.  GABA is referred to as an anti-stress chemical.  GABA deficiency is common among alcoholics, who often experience anxiety as a result.
  • DLPA D-Phenylalanine.  Increases the endorphin lifespan, which relieves pain.  Alcoholics deficient in DLPA may experience fragile emotions and pain sensitivity.
  • L-Tyrosine.  These amino acids are related to mental clarity, focus, and concentration.  Some alcoholics are deficient in these amino acids and that causes a lack of energy, lack of mental focus, lack of motivation, apathy, and depression.
  • L-Glutamine.  This amino acid is related to regulating blood sugar levels that help maintain mental clarity and energy.  A deficiency can cause irritability, shakiness, weakness, and dizziness.

How Amino Acid Therapy Helps Treat Alcoholism

The brain’s neurotransmitters that regulate our emotions and are at the helm of the reward system become off-kilter when the natural production of feel good hormones, such as dopamine, are interrupted by the introduction of a substance of abuse.  The substance, over time, can radically change brain chemistry, causing the brain to stop producing the natural biochemical associated with feeling good. This is due to the alcohol replacing the role of the brain to produce dopamine, which eventually results in alcohol becoming the only source of feeling good.  Until it doesn’t.

Active alcohol addiction very methodically begins taking a toll on the individual, requiring more and more of the substance in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms and an absence of joy.  Over time, no amount of alcohol will suffice, and the disease progresses.

Amino acid therapy has the potential to reboot the brain’s ability to once again produce feelings of wellbeing by rebalancing neurochemistry.  As amino acids begin flooding the body and brain with needed nutrients, the neurotransmitters begin to start functioning properly again, resulting in a renewed sense of well-being, improved mood, and the ability to once again experience a pleasure.

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Amino Acid IV Therapy

Amino acid IV therapy can be incorporated into the detox phase of recovery.  During this treatment, a solution of key amino acids are delivered via an intravenous line that allows for a consistent flow of the essential amino acids, nutrients, and minerals.  The intravenous solution travels through the body and into the brain, stimulating the brain to rebalance brain chemistry and potentially shorten the length of time of the detox process.

Amino Acid Supplement Therapy

Some addiction treatment programs prefer to utilize either a tablet form or a powder form of amino acid therapy.  The tablets will be administered on a schedule, as will the drink made from the amino acid powder. For rehabs using these forms of amino acid therapy, they will have a schedule for patients to take the supplements at specific intervals.

Which is Considered The Most Effective Treatment for Alcoholism

Amino acid therapy is an important adjunct treatment element that can be part of the overall comprehensive plan for treating alcohol addiction.  Amino acid therapy for alcoholism plays an important role in restoring physical and mental health in recovery. By rebalancing brain chemistry through amino acid therapy, clients begin to start feeling better in general, with concentration, energy levels, sleep quality, and overall mood enhanced as a result.  

Working alongside traditional treatment methods, amino acid therapy can help facilitate the brain to be able to resume its normal, natural activities.  A healthy brain will provide a much more responsive client with psychotherapy and group therapy. Clearer thinking, being more alert and engaged, and in a better emotional state as a result of the amino acid therapy allows the client to be in a more open, participatory state of mind.

A comprehensive treatment program should include a multi-disciplinary approach to alcohol addiction treatment, combining both traditional and holistic methods.  In addition to amino acid therapy, other holistic activities that enhance treatment include yoga, mindfulness training, massage therapy, art therapy, and acupuncture.  

Executive 7-Day Detox Offers Amino Acid Therapy for Alcoholism

Executive 7-Day Detox is an elite, cutting edge detox program in Southern California that utilizes the most effective recovery tools available, including amino acid therapy.  Amino acid therapy can significantly aid the client in detox and beyond, becoming a vital tool in the quest for sobriety. Executive 7-Day Detox provides the highest degree of luxury and comfort while processing through the detox and withdrawal, with private rooms, spa-like amenities, and a beautiful, serene setting.  For more information, contact Executive 7-Day Detox today at (800) 381-0827.

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