Addiction Treatment for Professionals

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addiction treatment for professionals

You may be well aware that you have developed a substance problem, but aren’t sure how to fit detox and rehab into your schedule. The answer for busy executives is addiction treatment for professionals.

Executive treatment programs are designed for professionals who need substance treatment, but also place a premium on their time. Read on to learn all about this rapid treatment option.

Are You a High Functioning Addict?

It may be that people who interact with you on a daily basis are not even aware that you have a substance issue. Very often, successful professionals have the ability to function well at their jobs, despite having a substance use disorder. This is called being “high functioning.”

As a high-functioning alcoholic or addict you are able to hide your substance problem from others. Maybe you don’t display the usual signs associated with addiction, and somehow manage to continue functioning professionally. You even are able to maintain relationships and show no outward physical health effects of addiction… yet.

Some people have a higher tolerance for substances, and don’t appear to be intoxicated. This is a physiological feature of someone who can, for instance, drink more than their peers. The problem is that it takes more to feel the desired effects, and that is where things can go wrong.

Signs You Have a Substance Problem

Whether you are high functioning or not, the signs of your substance use problem will eventually start showing up. Here are some of the telltale signs:

  • You use drugs or alcohol as a coping tool to manage stress.
  • You are in denial about your substance problem, becomes angry if confronted.
  • You may neglect your diet, preferring alcohol or drugs to a healthy meal.
  • You are often told that you seem to have a high tolerance for alcohol.
  • You lie about how much you consume, even hiding substances around the house, in the car or at the office.
  • You begin to isolate, retreating to a location where you can drink or use alone.
  • You drink first thing in the morning.
  • You use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate a co-occurring mental health condition, such as anxiety or depression.
  • You keep on with the substance abuse, even in the face of negative consequences.
  • You have withdrawal symptoms.

Remove the 5 Barriers to Treatment

For a busy professional with a packed calendar and a list of daily demands, finding time for detox seems impossible. Even if you know you need some expert support, it is easy to point to why you just can’t go.

Receive Guidance, Call Now

Some of the common roadblocks to treatment include:

  1. Being in denial. No one likes the idea of admitting they have a problem with a substance. They don’t want to appear weak or out of control to their colleagues or family, so they simply deny it.
  2. Not having the time. Being squeezed for time as it is, the thought of taking a long leave of absence is quickly dismissed. The good news is that when a rapid detox is combined with outpatient rehab, this barrier can be removed.
  3. Worries about privacy. You may be concerned about your colleagues or superiors finding out you were at detox for a week. Be assured that the luxury detox and rehab niche is fully dedicated to client privacy. These programs offer discreet detox and rehab services, and also cash options for enhanced privacy.
  4. Not being able to stay involved at work. Someone in a senior position or running a business may balk at the thought of going dark for a week. Executive programs provide clients with the technology to remain connected to their jobs.
  5. Concerns over stigma. Some professionals worry about their reputation being impacted if it became known that they have a substance use disorder. Employers must honor the employee’s privacy by law, and not reveal the reason for the leave.

What to Expect in Executive Detox and Withdrawal

Once you have taken the first step toward recovery, here is what you can expect during the detox phase:

  • Intake assessment. The intake process is very thorough and involves various steps. These include:
    • Intake interview with a clinician.
    • Assessment tools, such as questionnaires.
    • Blood and/or urine tests.
    • Review of medical history, addiction history, and mental health history.
  • Supervised detox. It is always safest for detox to be completed while under the supervision of an expert detox team. Detox symptoms can become unpredictable, and even dangerous in some cases. With a doctor overseeing the detox, your vital signs and withdrawal symptoms will be monitored and managed.
  • Emotional support. During withdrawal the symptoms can be hard to endure. This also includes the psychological symptoms, which are also quite difficult. The detox team will provide mental health support as needed.
  • Guide you to treatment. The number one priority of a quality detox program should be to provide a safe and supportive detox. Just as important is the role it plays in guiding you to treatment. Detox on its own is not enough to stop the addictive behaviors that are hardwired into the brain.

After the Detox, Then What?

The level of care assigned to you is largely determined by the severity of your substance use disorder. For professionals with a mild to moderate substance problem, outpatient rehab is an excellent treatment option.

Outpatient rehabs are offered in three levels of care, depending on the need. The beauty of an outpatient rehab is the ability to schedule classes and therapy sessions around work. Some rehab programs even offer weekend sessions.

Of course, if you substance problem is moderate-to-severe, you are best off with a residential rehab program. These offer round the clock support and a medley of therapies and classes, as well as holistic activities. If you are ready to take your life back, reach out for guidance today.

Executive 7 Day Detox Is Tailored for Busy Professionals

Executive 7 Day Detox offers addiction treatment for professionals. People who value their health and their time are looking for a detox program that is efficient. Call us today at (800) 381-0827.

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